The Orison Tower includes battery storage, power conversion electronics (inverter) and a smart networking and control system. As well, the Tower features controllable LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker. Orison units will also be supplied with a power cord that has the appropriate plug for the location it will be used. Orison is expandable through supplemental units. The more units you add, the more resilient your power. The more units you have, the more resilient your power becomes. If you have a large demand on a single circuit, you can expand your storage capacity on that circuit by plugging one or more Orison Tower+ into the Orison Tower. You can add up to five Tower+ units to an Orison Tower device for a maximum storage capacity of 13.2kWh per main device.

2,2 kWh-13,2 kWhkWh
Lithium ion

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Orison Tower User Reviews

  1. A really interesting idea… but would set up costs not cancel out the savings? Something I’d like to hear more about… return on investment and such.


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