The Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in hybrid manufactured by General Motors. The Volt operates as a pure battery electric vehicle until its battery capacity drops to a predetermined threshold from full charge. From there its internal combustion engine powers an electric generator to extend the vehicle’s range as needed. When the engine is running it may be periodically mechanically linked (by a clutch) to a planetary gear set, and hence the output drive axle, to improve energy efficiency.

53 mi

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Chevrolet Volt 2 User Reviews

  1. One of the smoothest driving plug-ins that I’ve ever tested. It’s an easy ride with much improved visibility from the previous model, and has the latest in-car tech, which is super easy to use. I was especially impressed with the range… 53 miles is honestly enough to never even need to switch over to gasoline. Definitely worth looking into this car if you’re in the market for a hybrid.


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