The Tesla Model S is widely regarded as not just the best electric car on the market, but the best car of any type on the mass market (see here, here, here, here, and here for just a few examples). So, for many people, if they can afford a $75,000–$120,000 car, the Model S is as good as it gets.

This car has flipped the electric car and overall auto world on its head in many respects. It is a top-selling luxury/performance car, and it was the 2nd- or 3rd-best-selling electric car worldwide in 2013, despite its high price tag. All the while, it was production-limited rather than demand-limited.


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Tesla Model S User Reviews

  1. A spaceship that can’t fly … but just barely. The Model S is a land boat with rockets on the back, but Star Trek rockets rather than the noisy, flaming ones. Silicon Valley jumped into your ride to dazzle you along your journey, while the interior is sparse otherwise — either Zen-like or lacking in the niceties of life, depending on your vantagepoint and whether you have a soft drink in your hand (before your EV Annex console arrives). But man, that power — it’s just hard to focus on anything else when you have it under your foot or throwing you back in the seat. An obvious 5 stars for the best sedan in history.

    My first full review is here:


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