The 18 or 25 feet cord provides maximum reach to your car’s charging port wherever you park. The 32A station offers maximum charging speed delivering up to 25 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH) The plug version is more flexible and you can easily move the station. Plus, installing an outlet versus hardwiring the station is generally more affordable. The hardwire version can be installed indoors or outdoors.
Available with 3.8kW and 7.7kW charging power.

Weight: 7.7 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11.19 x 7.06 x 7.01 inches
Mounting: Wall
Cable: 18 or 25 ft
Charging speed: 240V, 16A or 32A
Installation: hardwired or plug-in, NEMA 6-20 (16A station) or 6-50 (32A station)

36 months

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ChargePoint Home User Reviews

  1. Easy installation… took me about 15 minutes. If you use the app, ChargePoint will track your charging and help remind you to charge your car at night. I find this very helpful. Only thing missing is a light on the charging cable plug when you plug it in.

  2. So far it’s a wonderful charger. The installation was clear and simple. Design is very sleek and modern.

    The app provides a lot of cool information. You can view how fast the car is charging, battery capacity, and cost of each charge over time.The app lets you save a little money to by being able to charge the car overnight during low-peak times. After a couple of months I have noticed the cost it thinks each charge is can vary from the actual bill. For the most part it’s a marginal difference though.

    The charging station itself even has general wifi so you can connect it to other smart devices, something I haven’t seen many chargers offer. Would recommend if you’re looking for a truly modern charger with statistics and more useful features.

  3. Installation is very easy – simply screw to the wall, attach wires, pop on the covers, and you’re done! Overall my partner and I are very impressed with ChargePoint’s design and have no complaints. We
    use it with our Prius Prime and it’s 2.5 times faster than our previous charger! We actually have to charge our Prius pretty frequently, so the ChargePoint has made life much easier for us.
    Five stars.


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