The simpleSocket of ubitricity is reduced to the essentials. It comes completely without counting and communication technology. The advantages are obvious: The SimpleSocket can be installed quickly and easily wherever a wall is existing. This makes it flexible for outdoor and indoor use, and the technically lean implementation is absolutely solid and reliable. Two options are available. SimpleSocketStart and SimpeSocket.

The SimpleSocketStart is a wall box, which is designed for use with a standard charging cable. The electricity costs for the vehicle are also recorded by the general household electricity meter. And if you do once a Billing solution is needed? Then you can upgrade the Simple Socket Start with a sofware update. Very easily.

The SimpleSocket is designed for use in combination with the SmartCable. This solution is particularly suitable for all users, who require a precise and vehicle-accurate billing for the charged current at the end of the month.

The SimpleSocketStart cost 579€ and the SimpleSocket 499€.

Weight: 5,5 pounds
Product Dimensions: 16.1 x 5.1 x 4.1 inches
Mounting: Wall or pole
Cable: –
Charging speed: 230V, 20A
Installation: hardwired

24 months

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SimpleSocketStart W4 User Reviews

  1. My partner and I are honestly pretty disappointed with the SimpleSocket… I suppose we should have read up on it more before we invested in one, but it really is just the ‘essentials’. For the price it just doesn’t make sense that it’s so limited in what it can do. Wasn’t the right purchase for us.

  2. Very happy with the SimpleSocketStart. It is, as it says, ‘simple’ and easy to use/install. We actually put ours outside of the garage and it works great.


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