The M1 definitely doesn’t look like the typical e-bike and as you might expect, it doesn’t ride like one either. Most e-bikes look much more like a traditional bicycle, whereas the M1 was clearly designed as the modern incarnation of a classic cafe racer. It has pedals but packs the power riders would expect of a motorcycle…but with a twist.

The M1 has two performance modes — Eco and Sport. Eco is essentially “street legal” mode which caps the top speed at 20 mph. Switching to Sport mode unlocks the full potential of the bike and allows riders to double that speed, achieving up to 40 mph. This mode is intended for off-road use only, though it definitely feels like this bike is riding a very fine line between motorcycle and e-bike, especially given the fact that it looks like a classic motorcycle.

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M1 User Reviews

  1. The M1 is gorgeous and has the thrilling feeling of being on a motorcycle. It takes turns really well and can accelerate quickly, making it really fun to be on. It’s super low maintenance and convenient to use, which is great for me because I’m not a tech expert at all and I find the mechanics of a motorcycle a bit intimidating. You can actually take out the batteries to recharge, so if you don’t have a garage or built in place to charge it’s a very helpful feature. I’d definitely recommend it.


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