CT EV Report 2017

  • A unique, in-depth report about EV driver needs, desires, user experiences, and demographics. Over 2,000 EV drivers in 28 countries told us what they want in future EVs & EV charging. We tell you what they said.

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Electric cars

Electric Car Drivers: Desires, Demands & Who They Are User Reviews

    1. Get his name correct.MUSK ! WHEN they get the EV range and price right for Mr and Mrs average is when EVs will really take off.

  1. ICE are the steam engines of the past.
    Electric 3 phase induction motors are the future.
    Let’s all recognised this
    Time is Dynamic with progress

  2. Please can someone compare an average 5.0 litres/100 versus the same EV Kwh/100 cost in petrol or diesel and the Kw/h (% of electricity produced by fossil fuels). Maybe now we can have a more realistic comparison..


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