EcoReco S5 Electric Scooter

The EcoReco M5 is an amazing piece of machinery. The M5 looks like it was developed for military use – heavy duty and industrial. It has a range of 20 miles and a top speed of 20 miles per hour. It’s a good looking, well-designed machine, however it does have a bit of trouble with climbing hills – something to keep in mind if you have a hilly commute.

Product description

Comfortable & Safe Ride Rear-wheel drive and brake for max traction and stability Full-size handlebar & deck, Omni-directional tail light Full suspension with front air wheel Compact and light weight Fits in car trunks, gym lockers, and under chairs Perfect for public transportation, RVs, and boats 2″ shorter than M5, and 7 lbs lighter Zero emissions, silent motor 2,000+ MPGe, 500+ Miles on $1 Energy Recovery Braking system (E.R.B.) High Performance Top speed configurable at 20, 12, 7 mph 10-20 miles of range per charge* Zero-drag hub motor, Max 250 lb load Consistent Range & Fast Charging High-density Li-ion battery for best power/weight ratio Consistent range under most temperature conditions Charges to 70% in 2 hours Advanced Features Safe-start throttle, 3 stage braking, LED back-lit dashboard, top gadget mounts


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