The smart thermostat, made Wiser

Wiser Air isn’t just a cutting-edge thermostat. It’s a home energy management solution built with state-of-the-art technology that gives you control of comfort and savings for peace of mind.

You’re in control. It’s that simple. Wiser works with any device, any OS, so you can control your home from anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to quickly program or modify settings from your computer, tablet or smartphone, the power of comfort and efficiency is yours with just a touch.

After all, Wiser Air learns what you like, puts you in control of your comfort, and does it all while saving energy and money. That’s not just smarter. It’s Wiser.

Works with Amazon Echo, IFTTT and more.

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Schneider Electric Wiser User Reviews

  1. The big touchscreen is easy to use, and the app is easy as well. It was worth upgrading from our old thermostat to this new one. The wiring wasn’t a problem for us. We called customer service a few times and they were very very helpful with any problems we had. Would definitely recommend


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